Frequently asked questions about LOFT's managed services for software and website maintenance.

Photo of a professionally dressed man holding a clipboard in one hand and a mobile device in the other to indicate that non-technical buyers need a business broker who has a technical due diligence checklist.

Getting Started

Our team expertly handles the full range of maintenance and support tasks for business critical websites and applications.

We provide solutions for:

  • disaster preparation and recovery including proactive patch and dependency updates
  • technical development (front end and back end) including API support, bug fixes, and more complicated updates
  • database management and administration
  • infrastructure and hosting (DevOps)
  • technical design
  • content and image updates
  • end user customer support solutions


If you need something that’s not in the list, please schedule a call and let us know. If we don’t have a support option, there’s a good chance we know someone who does.


LOFT is prepared to provide “done-for-you” technical maintenance and support solutions for all your business critical websites and applications.

Congrats! It means your development team has done a great job.

Since your site or app are critical to your business, it’s very likely that you’ll need content and technical updates to keep things fresh.

We’ll also keep all the underlying technical libraries up to date (the plug-ins, apps, and dependencies). These third-party updates are an important part of good security practices.

Oh, and about bugs. If one does show up (they often like to hide for a while), your LOFT team will be here to squash them for you.

We know that dev teams love focusing on new things. It’s how technology helps your company move forward. We free your internal from ongoing maintenance requests so they can do what they love.

We’re big believers in collaboration (check out The LOFT Way) so we’ll work together to prioritize issues.

You can be confident everything is getting done by the people with the right knowledge and systems.

With the right base plan and options, we can help you build new minor features.

If you’re looking for a whole new website or application, we can still help!

Our experienced leadership team will work to understand your goals. From there, we’ll introduce you to members in our vetted partner network. We trust these creative design and development teams and seamlessly transition from new product development to ongoing maintenance and support.

It takes about 3-4 weeks. Sometimes, we can get started faster.

Here’s our normal process:

  1. We’ll evaluate your site or app and the list of things you already know need to be addressed.
  2. We’ll make some recommendations about how to get started. That will probably include a separate set of onboarding activities.
  3. We’ll get some paperwork in place and have a kickoff call.

And then? Your LOFT maintenance and support team will get started!

The LOFT support portal makes it easy to get help. You can use:

  • any web browser to create a ticket or
  • send a note to the email address you’ll receive when you get started

From there, your LOFT maintenance and support team will get started. We’ll follow the right service level agreement for the request.


We offer our best pricing on 12-month, renewable subscriptions. We’re not interested in locking anybody in for services that don’t provide value.

If you’re unhappy with LOFT, let us know as early as possible. We’ll work with you to fix it. If you’re not seeing value in the first 3-6 months, we’ll work together to make it right. That could mean some adjustments to the subscription or even finding a way to end the subscription early.

Please refer to your Subscription Services Agreement for additional details. If you’re not a customer yet, you can review the base SSA here.

When you need a little extra support, we offer Growth Block hourly options.

Growth Blocks are a one-time or recurring add-on service available to anyone with an active LOFT website or application maintenance and support subscription.

LOFT offers convenient options for automatic payments through your credit card or ACH bank draft.

You’ll have full access to your payment details through our payment management system. If you ever have any questions, help is just a click away!

Still have questions?

We’re happy to help – schedule a free, no-obligation call now!