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  • How do we submit a support request?

    A custom LOFT support portal makes it easy for you or one of your users to submit a ticket. From there, our team takes on the request with our innovative “Just Two” methodology.

  • What kinds of requests can LOFT handle?

    All sorts of things. Some of the common issues LOFT handles for clients include:

    • Incident response and resolution.
    • Troubleshooting issues – functionality, data, or display.
    • Bug fixes.
    • Text and image updates.
    • Plugin and module compatibility checks and updates.
    • Performance improvements.
    • Reporting changes.
    • Deployments.

    LOFT can also handline minor application changes and enhancements, such as:

    • Adding a field to a report.
    • Changing an input field to collect more data.
    • Swapping out an API call.
    • Upgrading an underlying framework.
    • Optimizing the performance of a function.
  • Can you handle more than one application?

    Yes. Whether you have just one piece of software that needs support or multiple applications and websites, LOFT is prepared to provide done-for-you technical support and, even better, 24-7 peace of mind.

  • What if my app doesn’t have many bugs or issues?

    That means your development team has done a great job — congratulations! But just as a brand-new building still requires janitorial and maintenance services, your app will require routine updates and attention to stay reliable over the long run. And virtually no software is immune from potential problems such as changes to third-party APIs, updates to underlying frameworks and libraries, or newly discovered security threats.

  • How does LOFT work with our existing development team?

    The LOFT team seeks to free up your development team from support requests. We’ll only involve your developers when needed to address a problem, and we’ll help triage issues so your team can focus on the most critical tasks.

  • Can LOFT help with new features or building a new app?

    LOFT doesn’t build new features or software, but we can help you do so more efficiently. LOFT customers receive access to our preferred network of development partners at discounted rates. We’ll provide introductions and advice while you’re selecting a partner and getting started with the project.

  • How long will it take to get our app onto the LOFT platform?

    It usually takes 3-4 weeks, depending on the availability of key technical resources and technical leaders on your team. During the initial kickoff call, the LOFT team will work with you or your technical lead to develop a timeline for onboarding.

Billing questions

  • What if we want to cancel our LOFT subscription?

    LOFT operates on 12-month renewable subscriptions. However, we’re not interested in locking you in for services that don’t provide value. If you’re unhappy with LOFT services, we’ll work with you to fix it. If, after 3-6 months, you’re not seeing the value you want, we’ll make it right or let you out of the contract, if that’s what it takes. Please see our Subscription Services Agreement (SSA) for additional details.

  • Can we pay hourly?

    No. Our goal is to deliver 24/7 peace of mind to you and your technical team. Hourly billing can misalign incentives. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether you’re on the clock when something needs to be done.

  • Can we pay you via check?

    To reduce administrative overhead, all LOFT clients pay automatically each month. Payment is either by ACH draft or a credit card.