Hi there! We're LOFT.

Maintenance as a Service for your website or app.

We help you worry less about maintenance and support for your business-critical sites and apps.

Growth-minded businesses like yours need a team of digital experts.

What if you had them watching out for you and on-call whenever you need them?

With LOFT, you get that expert team — predictably and reliably — plus a massive ROI.

The most important thing

We believe there’s a better way to maintain and support software.

We call it The LOFT Way.

You might want to read it as you design your post-launch support plan.

If you’ve already started, that’s OK. Incremental improvement is a part of the process.

It’s your software asset, not ours. Whenever possible, we set up systems with you as the owner and LOFT as administrator. You’re not locked-in, and you can’t get locked-out, so you have maximum flexibility and control.

Building and maintaining software is complex work. It requires many skills – architecture, design, front-end development, back-end development, infrastructure (Dev Ops), and more. There’s also technical management, content management, and project management. They’re all different skills and it’s super-rare to find a freelancer who can cover them day in and day out for a long time.

There’s a lot of talk about “makers” – the people who create software. There’s not as much about the ones who monitor (“minders”) and the ones who fix things when they break (“menders”). You need all three – but not necessarily at the same time.

Minders and menders have different mindsets, skillsets, and processes. It’s an accidental setup to ask makers to do minder and mender work. They usually hate it (that might be putting it mildly…) and having specialized systems nearly always leads to better outcomes.

We’re not big sports fans. But, we notice something about teams that win. They’ve got documented processes and they follow them regularly. They’ve also got strong “on-the-ground” leaders who can make informed calls when they need to. Software maintenance and support is better with playbooks.

Nobody likes endless escalations. They’re solving the wrong problem. Real, actual help should never be more than two people away. An escalation is a two person process – just two. The person working with you, and the person with the extra skills to solve the problem.

You should see the status of your requests. All the time. Track your requests from start to finish with no secret coding caves.

It’s impossible to trust people you don’t know. You should know the people who are maintaining and supporting your company’s most important software. Your company’s success depends on it.

No software system or maintenance process is ever going to be perfect. It’s better to focus on dealing with the unexpected and using that experience to make better software and systems.

Benefits of
The LOFT Way


Trade the surprise drain on your time, attention, and budget for predictable monthly maintenance and support from our team of pros.


LOFT’s engineering and support teams are set up to act quickly and resolve issues instead of leaving you with technical headaches.


Put your time and energy into your strategic goals while LOFT maintains and supports the critical technology platform your business relies on.