Predictable software maintenance and support

We can tailor a maintenance plan for you.

We have a support plan that’s right for you.

LOFT customers usually start with a base maintenance plan for the level of support you want. Then, add options to customize it to fit your needs and business priorities!


Choose a base plan


Add options



During your free consultation and assessment, we’ll dive into your business goals and technology to help you decide what works best for you.

Base Maintenance Plans

Our base plans typically range from $699-$2,760 per month, depending on the service levels you need. Custom plans are available.


  • Minimize and recover from downtime due to unexpected disasters.
  • Monitor your website, app, or e-commerce store
  • Proactively update plug-ins and minor dependencies
  • Maintain backups
  • Respond to disasters if they happen — getting you back online ASAP


  • This includes the Prepare plan plus additional content support.
  • Minor content updates or tweaks
  • Non-code configuration changes
  • Standard page adjustments
  • Basic database updates
  • Up to 12 content tweaks every month


  • All the services in the Prepare plan, plus additional development support.
  • Break/fix support for minor issues, planning for major fixes
  • Intermediate content updates, page layouts, and scripts
  • CSS, HTML, core language based feature tweaks
  • API updates and some major version upgrades or planning
  • Database administration and minor data model enhancements
  • Up to 6 content and 6 technical tweaks every month

During our no-obligation consultation, we may determine that a custom plan is best for your needs.

Additional Services

Sometimes you need additional support beyond a base plan. You can customize your maintenance plan by adding recurring services, or just add a one-time solution when you need it.


  • Add ticket volume
  • Use for minor feature development, major configuration changes, complex bug fixes and dependency updates, major version upgrades, complex project, or advanced database support
  • Sold in blocks of 5 hours
  • Bulk discounts available


  • LOFT manages reliable infrastructure for you
  • Maintenance and downtime windows tailored to your needs
  • You retain ownership
  • LOFT professionally manages your move from one hosting provided to another
  • LOFT coordinates design and technical changes if you are switching to a different content management system (CMS) or e-commerce platform


  • Available as a stand-alone plan or part of a custom plan
  • Choose white-label or
  • For LOFT systems or your own 
  • Call LOFT directly, in addition to using the portal or email ticket submission
  • Availability based on your selected Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

  • Available as a stand-alone custom plan or as part of a base plan
  • Choose advanced or comprehensive database administration (prices vary) 

Maintenance and support requests on nights, weekends, and holidays    

  • Stay in compliance with ADA and WCAG standards
  • Choose one-time or recurring audits
  • Pair this option with growth blocks for remediation of issues discovered during an audit

The ROI of software maintenance and support

A LOFT subscription is less expensive and easier to manage than a full team of digital experts. 

How much does it cost to recruit, retain, and manage technical and support staff? 

What processes and procedures do you need so support and maintenance runs smoothly? 

Those costs are real, and so is your return on that investment.

LOFT’s fractional maintenance and support team provides remarkable value. Regardless of your subscription level, you’ll have options for on-demand access to a team of experts with skills that include: 

  • Content management
  • Configuration management
  • Infrastructure management (hosting, server management, DevOps, etc.)
  • Website and application performance monitoring
  • Database administration
  • Software development
  • Technical architecture
  • Strategic planning and consultation

And it all comes from a single place — your maintenance and support team.

Compare an investment in a LOFT subscription with the cost of hiring, managing, and coordinating all those roles on your own. You’ll quickly see the return on your investment.

LOFT support and maintenance is typically up and running in as little as two weeks.