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How LOFT frees you from day-to-day support and maintenance duties

Peace of mind begins with our proven 5-step transition process.

Although LOFT does for software what property maintenance companies do for buildings, onboarding you and your app is a bit more complicated than just handing over a set of keys.

LOFT safely and securely transitions your app into the experienced hands of our software support experts in 5 steps. The process typically takes about 4 weeks — sometimes less.

1. Kickoff Days 1-5

Once you sign up for your support subscription, the customer success team will send a welcome email and schedule the kickoff meeting. During a 30-60 minute meeting, you’ll meet your onboarding team, review the objectives, and coordinate next steps.

2. Access the app Days 6-10

Next, you’ll provide your LOFT support team access to the application — code, servers, databases and so forth. This phase sometimes includes calls and collaboration with your subject matter experts, both business and technical.

3. Document key details Days 11-15

Your LOFT technical lead will perform a technical review and create key documentation for maintaining, changing, and deploying the application. You also may receive a list of recommended remediation tasks.

4. Establish best practices Days 16-19

LOFT establishes best practices for monitoring, creates your custom help desk portal, schedules backups, and plans maintenance.

5. 24/7 support and peace of mind Day 20 and beyond

Your annual subscription — and your peace of mind — begins. For Maintain plans, we will continue with scheduled maintenance tasks. For Support plans, we’ll work with you to prioritize support needs. In both cases, we’ll get to work, allowing you and your team to focus on other priorities.

Is LOFT a good fit for your app?

Schedule a call to find out.